Saturday, July 17, 2010

"E"(Ecuador) Minus 17 and Counting

The packed boxes are starting to crowd out our living space as we continue to uncover hidden treasures that we've put in the hidden recesses of our home and forgotten that we had. Gosh, we have some nice stuff...that we never use. Sound familiar to you fellow expats?

In just six more days, we say adios to our home in the desert. It's been fun, but time to seek our fortune and another adventure on another continent. Thanks to a year of study and an amazing amount of constructive input from our many online predessesors and friends "in print", we feel quite prepared for Cuenca and more. However, we are not so naive to think that we've got it "locked" chance of that.

The seasonal monsoon type of weather is now beginning to give our desert its two month dose of agua, which is greatly appreciated and longed for, after 4-5 months of no "precip". It's really neat to watch when the rains do start and all of us stand outside like we've never seen rain before.

On Monday, E minus 15, the fur really starts to fly around here when different groups descend on our home to make it look like no one has ever lived here. We already don't know where to look for the few utensils, plates, toiletries, etc., well hidden from the "pack man', and so necessary to life, that we used to be able to find in the dark, if needed. Thank goodness we don't sleep walk or there would be some serious accidents.

By Friday, E minus 11, we are officially "homeless" and headed for California for a few days with family. No time to look's time to look forward with excitement...and catch our collective breaths.

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