Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sold the Car ... and the packing continues

Well, we were successful in selling our car. A great car that we had for only 2 years. Someone is getting a really good car.

We are packing away (mostly Mike is doing the packing and I'm doing the supervising). We have established a U.S. mailing address with Earth Class Mail, and a U.S. telephone number with eVoice (which is just a message service). When someone calls our U.S. phone number and leaves us a message, eVoice emails us the actual message so we can hear it on our computer. It's amazing how you can keep connected through technology these days. Really makes it seem like you're not that far away from family and friends especially if they are on Skype where the phone calls are free.

We have all of our internet banking established and we have secured a storage unit large enough to store all of our possessions. The movers come on July 22nd and we drive from Arizona to California on July 23rd. We'll have a few days to rest and relax with family until our 2:26a.m. flight from LAX to Quito on Tuesday, August 3rd. Hopefully, our connection through Costa Rica will go as planned and our luggage will make it all the way to Quito. Once we get through customs, we'll take another flight to Cuenca which should arrive at 5:00p.m. (2pm our body time, which makes it a 12-hour travel day). It's good that Ecuador is only 3 hours ahead of California time and the same time zone for Ohio time. Our family and friends are located in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Ohio, and Florida.

We will have all of our visa documents in order after we visit the Ecuadorian Consulate in Los Angeles. It's exciting that we'll be arriving in Cuenca in less than a month. After suffering through the hot Arizona summer it will be a welcome change to be in weather that isn't in the 100 degree range! Our monsoons haven't started yet (they are in July and August and help to cool the evenings); last year was a disappointing monsoon season, hopefully this season will bring more rain.

We will continue blogging away and adding pictures once we arrive in Ecuador.

Until next time,

Pat Grimm


  1. Sounds like you 2 are erally getting organised.

  2. Hi Mike and Pat,

    So glad to hear that you're enjoying reading our blog, The Road Less Traveled ( We also look forward to meeting you when you arrive. If there are any questions we can answer for you please feel free to email us at


    Ronnie and Andre

  3. It's really impressive that we can connect to our friends and loved ones from couple thousand miles away like they're just staying next door, thanks to all of this technology. Makes things more convenient than has always been.

    Two years for a car is still a good deal! The new owners of your car agreeably got a good one. Are you planning to get a new one or do you already have one? Hope all's well with you right there at your new home.