Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ecuador Earthquake: Shake, Rattle and Boom!

View of Cuenca ... we're still on the map

At 6:54 AM, I was enjoying my first cup of morning coffee, while standing in the kitchen of our 7th floor apartment, when the swaying started and some of our utensils and plates joined the chorus of other strange noises. This lasted about one minute, at which time I was ready to celebrate our first Ecuadorian earthquake...and, I hadn't spilled any of my coffee. That elation was short-lived as the second phase of "dancing buildings" began. Another thirty seconds, or so of "musical furnishings" then ensued. Then it was over. Nothing damaged except one's sense of invulnerability. Oh well, what's another humbling experience in this life of many of them?

The news indicated that this quake was centered about 140 miles northeast of Cuenca...actually on the eastern side of the Andes and measured 6.9 on the Richter scale. But, what is amazing, this quake took place 115 miles deep! Imagine what it would have been like had it been closer to the earth's surface. Interestingly enough, it was near the vicinity of the volcano Tungurahura, that went off last month.

Well, Pat and I have opted for an adventure here in Ecuador...and every day we've seemed to have another addition to our experiences.

I have to tell you, as an aside and actual postive aspect of the earthquake. I had been trying to wake Pat from a sound sleep using the usual nice verbal wake up encouragement such as: "Hey, honey, it's time to wake up". Then, I had to pull out the big guns, the earthquake. Worked like a charm as the bedroom door immediately came open to expose a wide eyed blonde wondering what was going on? Then, our wonderful town priests added a cap to the excitement by firing off their 7AM cannon like "Booms". What a combination: Shake, Rattle and...Boom! How fun and nos vemos.

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