Monday, August 23, 2010

Errands and Observations

Today was a day to finish what was started a couple of weeks ago. We received the key to our Post Office Box, and we completed opening up a bank account. Things take a bit longer here than what we're used to back home. We had internet issues last Friday and Saturday and couldn't use the computer. But everything is OK now.

The weather turned cold for a few days, but has been nice again. Today, it was sunny and 70. Would like it to stay that way. We'll see!

We've been doing a lot more walking and sightseeing. I realized that I haven't seen anyone smoke the whole time that we've been here. No one on the street, no one in the stores or the restaurants. That seems odd but I sure do like it. Just when I was walking today and thinking that I haven't seen anyone smoking, an American walked by and he was smoking!

Also, another observation. There are no leash laws here so the dogs are free to roam. But you don't see stray dogs. What you do see are dogs staying close to their homes. They are standing, sitting, or sleeping. You walk past and they could care less. At first, I was worried about walking past a dog near their home since they are usually protective of their family and territorial. However, the dogs here are very quiet and peaceful. Mike was saying that when there is no fence and they aren't cooped up and they have their freedom, they don't feel like they need to run away. And I'm thinking that the families here are so kind to their own (including pets), that the dogs truly feel loved and don't need to wander off.

The parents carry their babies in their arms or in the case of the indigenious mothers, on their back in a bundle. The families are always together, helping each other. It is very refreshing to see how the children are treated and loved here. You don't see misbehaving children (although I'm sure there must be some). The parents spend so much time with the children that they know that they are loved.

Tomorrow we're going to see our new doctor and get established as new patients. Then we'll going to meet someone to look at an apartment in the Palermo building (aka Gringo Palace) for some new friends that are coming to Cuenca in October to look around.

I'm still studying my Spanish and listening, listening whenever we go out to see what words I can understand. It's a slow process. Hopefully, one day it will all come together.

Well, that's it for now.

Hasta Luego,

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