Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Dogs and Bach

Well, we're in our apartment in Cuenca now. I'm typing this on my laptop just like I did in our home in Arizona. The main difference is the weather. Arizona was very hot, and Cuena is not! They're experiencing unusually cold weather right now. It should be getting warmer next month -- I'm glad I brought my clothes for cold weather with me. I also brought clothes for warm weather. Hence, all of the suitcases. We flew here from Los Angeles with 5 suitcases and 4 carry-on bags. That's it. We're not shipping anything. So everything we needed, we had to carry, push, pull, lift, etc. My sister helped us tremendously as she came to the airport with us to help us with the check in process, getting the luggage to the right location, etc. As you can see from this picture, we had our hands full.

Our flights were great. On time, meals good, and all luggage arrived with us. We changed planes in San Jose, Costa Rica. At the airport, I heard some beautiful music playing. It sounded like a Kenny G CD. I though how odd but how lovely to have such beautiful music being played for the weary traveler. As it turns out, it was a solo musician playing in the airport (see picture below). Sure was a nice touch for this weary traveler.

Today, we had our first adventure: Going out for groceries. We walked to the Super Maxi grocery store (about 15-20 minutes). So far, the high altitude isn't too much of a problem. The Super Maxi is like a Safeway back home. We were able to find everything that we needed. There are cabs waiting at the store (just like at the airport). So we got our groceries and ourselves into the cab and came back to the apartment.

Soon after we got back, we noticed that a neighbor was calling us on Skype. I hooked up the webcam and we were able to see and hear each other just fine. It's good to know that everything works like we had hoped it would.

We brought some favorite CDs with us so tonight we played Bach while eating our dinner of hot dogs and pork and beans (have to start out simple).

Until next time,



  1. Michael & Patty McNabbAugust 7, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Hello Mike & Patty!

    We are Michael & Patty McNabb, from Houston, and this might be an interesting challenge, having 2 couples in Cuenca with the same name - we look forward to meeting you when we return later this year!

  2. Shannon and Richard MontenegroAugust 12, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    We've been anxiously awaiting posts to your blog. So good to hear all is going well, and love reading about all the daily events! We're starting to sort, sell, give away, etc. in preparation to make the move. Of course, many questions are popping up like....What fees did you pay for your excess luggage? What documents did you take to the embassy, and did you need them translated into Spanish? :)