Friday, August 6, 2010

Trip to the Mall

Today we decided to go to the mall here in Cuenca (Mall Del Rio) for lunch and browsing. It's been cold here in Cuenca, and in our apartment so it would be nice to go some place that is warm. (I think I'm catching a cold.) We did buy a space heater so that helps a lot.

We walked down to the taxi stand and took a taxi to the mall. It's good to be walking more than we would if we had our own car. The mall is two stories and has a lot of the familiar stores that are in the malls back home. We even ate at a Burger King. We do want to start eating Ecuadorian-style food, but once we get more proficient with our Spanish, we'll know what we're eating.

After walking the mall and window-shopping for about an hour, we decided to get a taxi and head back home. Tomorrow, we think we'll go to the central park in Cuenca, the Parque Calderon. Next week, we'll be running errands with the help of Juan (an English speaking taxi driver who helps ex-pats), who will take us to get a cell phone, open a bank account, and get a post office box. Also next week, we will meet with an attorney to start the visa process. So it should be a busy, productive week coming up.

Hasta Luego,


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