Sunday, September 5, 2010

Awesome Sunday

Today began with an early morning outing to the Kookaburra Cafe to meet another couple for breakfast. As it turned out, the other couple wasn't able to make it but we had a good breakfast which was the start of a great day. Here are pictures of the restaurant which is owned by an Australian couple, Chris and Jenny. There are also two suites in the back for guests to stay in.

Jenny talking with a couple of customers

Chris making hot chocolate for me

Meditation Garden

After breakfast, we walked to church. It took about 45 minutes which was longer than it should because I stopped to take pictures along the way. We arrived at church about ten minutes early anyway. Here are pictures of the sights along the way to church on Avenida Fray Vicente Solano.

Fruit stand selling fresh pineapple and watermelon

Our bank (Banco Pichincha)

Making some extra money

Colegio Benigno Malo

A beautiful home

Our hospital (Monte Sinai)

Here are pictures of our church, Calvary Chapel of Cuenca. Mike and I met at a Calvary Chapel in California, so we were pleasantly surprised to find a Calvary Chapel in Cuenca!

Mike with Pastor Fredy

We have been warmly welcomed into the church family. Most of the members speak only Spanish but some do speak some English. The music and sermon are in Spanish, but we can follow along as the words of the songs are illuminated onto a screen. This will be a good reason to learn Spanish.

After church, we decided to catch a cab and go to the Inca Lounge for lunch. It is on the river and the pictures show the surrounding area. Also, we were invited back into the kitchen where a master sushi chef was teaching the kitchen staff how to make sushi. Luckily, I had my camera with me.

It was delicious!

The outside eating area at the Inca Lounge


  1. How awesome is that! A Calvary Chapel in Cuenca!
    As my wife and I start to begin to considering thinking about the possibility of "retiring" overseas, our main concerns are healthcare in our very latter years, and a body of like-minded believers. My wife and I attended a Calvary Chapel in Austin Texas for a number of years and enjoyed it immensely.
    Sounds like you are adjusting admirably. Now I need to remember to record that HHI program on the 21st.

  2. Hi AggieBoy,

    We are very happy to be attending the Calvary Chapel here. Their music and bible teaching are exactly like that in the States, except in Spanish. I had the opportunity to speak at the women's monthly gathering (with the help of an interpreter).

    Blessings to you, Pat Grimm.