Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Trip to the Coast (Part 3 of 3)

The Rest of the Story

Well the first two parts of the story regarding our trip to the coast tell about all of the good aspects of our trip and how much we enjoyed ourselves. Now for the rest of the story . . . the bad parts.

During our time in Salinas a couple of mishaps occurred.

The first one happened when I was in the shower. The shower has an electric component above the shower head that gives you instant hot water. And I think everyone knows that you should never mix electricity and water. During my shower, the electric hot water component blew up with a loud explosion and a bright flash, followed by a scream from me. Mike was standing outside waiting for me to come to the door to let him in. He heard the shower running so he knew it would take a couple of minutes for me to open the door. But when he heard the loud explosion, saw the bright flash and heard me scream, he became very concerned. I yelled to him that I was OK and that the how water thing blew up. He said what?! And guess what - it happened a second time. The loud explosion, the bright flash, and my scream. By this time, Mike was really concerned, but I told him I was OK; I didn't get shocked. By this time, I turned off the shower - the water was cold by this time anyway. So that was the excitement for that day. I later learned that these instant hot water heaters in the showers are affectionately called "widow makers"! We told the management and they repaired the unit. I think they should have replaced the whole thing or moved us to another room, but everything turned out OK. I was lucky I didn't get hurt. I was afraid that it was going to catch fire, but it didn't. I had Mike take the next shower to make sure it was working OK, and it was!

The second thing occurred while we were on a walk. You must always be careful when walking in Ecuador because the sidewalks are in such bad condition that you could really get hurt. Some of the curbs are really high also. Well, I misjudged a curb and fell. I fell into a wall and hurt my left shoulder, ribs, hip and knee. I have never fallen so badly that I couldn't get up, but I couldn't because it hurt so much. I was afraid that I had broken some ribs or really hurt my shoulder. There was a car going by and they stopped to see if they could help me. They called an ambulance for me which came withing five minutes. I got to the hospital within 10 minutes and was seen by a doctor immediately. They took four x-rays (shoulder, ribs, and neck) and amazingly, nothing was broken. The doctor gave me prescriptions for pain pills and we were back in our hotel room within two hours of the accident. I was starting to feel better so we went out for some dinner. You feel so stupid when you do something like that but that's why they call it an accident, because who would plan something like that. It's been a week since the accident and I am much better now. We went on a long walk today to the downtown area and I was really careful watching as I walked.

Well, that's the end of the story and we are doing just fine. I think we've had enough excitement for awhile!

Hasta Luego,

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