Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update on the Grimms

As you can see, it's been awhile since my last post (a month to be exact). The problem is that my camera quit on me and I love taking pictures and blogging about them. Without pictures, it didn't seem like it would be too interesting for the reader to read about our activities. I've ordered the batteries for the camera and should have them in a few weeks, hopefully. So you'll just have to visualize what I'm trying to describe to you.

Since my last post, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a lot of new friends and had a great time. We are amazed at how many people are considering a trip to Cuenca, either to just visit or to actually move here. There is a lot of interest from others in moving here, and it's been fun to make new friends.

Here is a list of friends that we have made within the last month:

Those Who Have Come for a Short Visit to Explore the Possibility of Moving to Cuenca in the Future

Karen & David from Florida - we had a great time getting to know them. They came to our church and also went to the orphanage with us.

John & Leeann from Arizona - they stayed at the penthouse apartment after we moved out. They had a terrific, fun-filled three week vacation in Cuenca and definitely want to move here sometime in the future.

Bob from Florida - a mutual friend connects us with Bob. We're going to have dinner with him and his daughter tomorrow night.

Diane & Paul from Idaho - we've haven't actually met them yet but have been in contact through emails. They live in Boise and are visiting Cuenca now. Hopefully we can meet them before they go back home to snowy, cold Idaho.

Folks We Have Met Who are Living in Cuenca

Jim & Rachel - we met Jim several months ago, but have had the pleasure of meeting Rachel recently as they just got married and Rachel joined Jim here in Cuenca. They have gone to our church and we thoroughly enjoy their company. They are enjoying living in Cuenca and both are avid bicyclists.

Gary & Sue from North Carolina - they moved to Cuenca last month and have also gone to our church. We enjoy their friendship and look forward to many more Sundays at church with them.

Bob & Joanna from Texas - they live down the street from us. They'll be going back to the States in a few months and then when they come back, they'll have a beautiful new penthouse apartment to move into.

Jack & Claudia from Oregon - they moved to Cuenca last month and live close to Gary & Sue, and also go to our church. We are blessed to have so many friends that enjoy the same things that we do.

Thom & Jane from Texas - we met them through Bob & Joanna. This is a good way to expand our circle of friends as we are all new in this adventure and enjoy sharing our experiences.

Alan & Elinor from California - they have a beautiful home near the Tomebamba River that resembles a San Francisco loft apartment. Since they are from San Francisco, it's not hard to understand how they designed their beautiful home.

Ray & Barb from Missouri - they just sold their farm back in Missouri and are looking for land to buy outside of Cuenca. They're looking forward to working on their own land again soon.

Other Notes

We have just moved into our third (and final) apartment. Three moves in four months is a bit much! We love this new apartment. It feels more like a home than the other apartments we lived in. It has beautiful furniture in it, and has a large kitchen and three bedrooms. If my camera was working I would insert pictures here. Oh well, pictures will be forthcoming. We are in the best location so far and can walk to everything that we need. Downstairs, there is a small tienda (store) and also an Italian restaurant (La Piastra) that has great food.

On a sad note, my stepmother passed away this month. I wished I could have gone to her funeral but living so far away makes quick trips back to the States hard to do. She was a wonderful wife and companion for my father, who passed away three years ago.

On another sad note, Mike is having health issues, specifically back problems. He had extensive back surgery ten months ago and fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the problem. But he is having nerve root pain (according to his doctor) and is taking pain pills, muscle relaxants, and bed rest. He would have liked to have enjoyed the many events taking place during this Christmas season, but will have to be patient and wait for the nerves to heal.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year's. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy being with your friends and families during this wonderful time of year.

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  1. Mike will be in my prayers. I will also see about getting him on the list of folks my Sunday School class regularly prays for.
    A bad back is no fun, that's for sure. No matter where you live.