Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Busy Week

Life has started getting busier for us since the New Year began. We started the New Year with resolutions to start back exercising (it's been about six months since we last exercised on a regular basis), and also to get serious about learning Spanish, so we started Spanish school.

Our typical week would start on:

Sunday with us going to church. There are two other ex-pat couples that go on a regular basis. It's good to see them each Sunday (and mid-week sometimes too). The service is in Spanish so I don't understand much but that hopefully that will change as I learn more Spanish. The songs are in Spanish also and I have learned many of them and know what I'm singing (with the help of my dictionary). After church, we go out to lunch somewhere and then to the grocery store and then home.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings we go to the gym. It is a beautiful gym called BodyCare that is up on hill going toward Turi. We both walk on the treadmill first then workout on the weight machines. Everyone is very helpful there and we've met another older ex-pat couple who enjoy working out also. The following pictures show the spa area, the gym, and the restaurant.

Bodycare Spa

Stairs to the Gym


Weight Room


The Restaurant

View from the restaurant

Every Afternoon (Monday through Friday) we attend Spanish school for two hours. The school is located in the central ciudad on Sucre near Hermano Miguel. It is called Amauta and they have a website that you can check out at http://www.amauta.edu.ec/. It is hard work but I know it will be worth it and it's good to use our brains to learn something new.

Our Neighborhood

I have taken pictures of our neighborhood: the University of Cuenca, Santa Ines Hospital, some restaurants in the area, etc.

Leaving our building, this is the view from across the street

Our street name (Agustin Cueva)

The Italian restaurant in our building

Eggnog left over from Christmas

Wine from South Africa

The owner, Pablo

University of Cuenca

Santa Ines Hospital

La Esquina, means "the corner" - (beautiful shops and restaurants)

Of course, we have to get ice cream!

Chao for now, Patty


  1. Patty, what wonderful pictures! I was so impressed with some of the beautiful shops & handcrafts in La Esquina when there in December. Thanks for putting a name w/ it for me as I couldn't remember. I'm impressed w/ the ice cream pictures too! And w/ all that walking & working out....why not?? In the US it would probably be impolite to ask what it costs for certain things, but in the context of those of us following the various blogs continuing to explore Ecuador as a possibility for retirement with a nice quality of life, anytime you are willing to share pricing information on such things as the health club or Spanish lessons, it would certainly be appreciated & helpful. Thanks!

  2. Hi Patty, I just came across your blog and agree with Patty above. My husband & I are seriously considering a move to Ecuador and would love to get and idea of what things really costs. Dinners out, gym memeberships, Spanish lessons. It would be really helpful. Thanks a million. Diane

  3. Hi Patty,
    Nice pictures. Looks like you two are settling in nicely. Hope to see you around town some day!

  4. Great pics!! I am also wondering about the gym because I have always worked out. Looked forward to meeting you!! Sue

  5. Hello All,

    The cost for the Spanish lessons at Amauta are $8 an hour. This is for a private tutor (one-on-one ratio). We feel that is well worth the price. (Two hours a day is about all the attention our brains can handle at this age.)

    The cost for the gym at Bodycare is about $40 per person per month. It is expensive but very clean and has beautiful views of the city.