Friday, January 28, 2011

English-Speaking Ecuadorian Available to Help You with Your Errands

We have personal friends that go to our church who are looking for extra work. They are an Ecuadorian family (Noshy and Alfredo) and are very capable in helping ex-pats out with the errands we find ourselves needing to get done. Also, Noshy speaks very good English as she learned English as a young child.

Here is a list of the items they can help you with. (They are available Monday through Saturday.)

Noshy's List:
  • Practice Spanish
  • Housekeeper
  • Help with translation
  • Baking goodies
  • Help with documents in different areas. (Noshy works at a TV station and is in contact with government people and owners of different businesses.)
  • Customs contact
  • Help with banking
  • Help with doctor appointments
  • Help in buying groceries. (Just give her your list and she'll go shopping for you.)
  • AVON and TUPPERWARE representative
  • Help with bill payments and post office service
  • In touch with gardeners, veterinarians, seamstresses, etc.

Alfredo´s list
  • Jewelry repair, cleaning and polishing
  • Handyman (electrical, plumbing, carpenter services)
  • Has the "Licencia Profesional de Manejo" (Professional Drivers License)
  • The payment for Alfredo depends on the kind of service (here we call "points")

If you think that you might be in need of their services, please contact them at


  1. Patty, thank you for posting this information. It is very helpful. I was even thinking the other day about my Avon makeup and how I might be able to get some in Ecuador. And now, I already have an Avon lady set up. And I am sure that we will be looking for a handyman type of person.

    Do you all go to church with Connie and Mark Pombo? I have asked Connie if I can go to church with her and Mark when we come to visit in Feb. Maybe we will see you then. I look forward to meeting you. Sue

  2. Hi. We go to the Calvary Chapel in Cuenca. Mark & Connie were coming for awhile but we haven't seen them lately at our church. They might be going somewhere else. But we do have other ex-pat friends going to our church: Gary & Sue Gaither and Jack & Claudia Johansen. Let's make sure we connect when you're in Cuenca. Send us an email regarding your plans.
    Hasta Luego, Patty