Saturday, January 15, 2011

Large Apartment for Rent

Located in our building (Edificio Santa Maria) is a large three-bedroom apartment for rent on the fourth floor. It takes up half of the floor at 200 sq. meters. We know the family that owns it and I have taken pictures to help them get the word out that it is available.

It is unfurnished and they are asking $400 per month for rent. In addition there is a building fee you would need to pay, plus utilities, Internet and TV. There is an assigned parking space in the garage and the building has an elevator.

For more information, please contact the son-in-law Pedro Jerves (who speaks English) at Or you can call his land line at (593 7) 283-7506, ext. 109, or his cell phone at 09 595 9214.

When you enter the apartment, you are in the living/dining room. To the left is the kitchen, laundry room and full maid quarters. To the right of the living/dining room is the TV/family room, 2 guest bedrooms, guest bath, master bedroom with master bath.

There is no terrace, but there are beautiful views of the old town.

Enjoy the pictures!

Living Room/Dining Room

Social Bath


Laundry Room

Maid's Quarters


TV/Family Room

Guest Bedroom 1

Guest Bedroom 2

Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom w/Bath


  1. Hi Granpa Mike and Patty,

    What's up? I'm following your blog but haven't heard from you guys in a long time. Please post or call. It's always good to hear from you. I have to admit, I am very jealous about your gym. Where do I sign up??

    Call us or post,

    Nicole and family

  2. Me again. Please post. Where have you been? Are you having too much fun?? Checking daily....

    Nicole and Family

  3. It is a very nice apartment. I hope I can find one like that when I move there in September.

  4. Wow! very nice apartments. I will share this with my friends. Thank you so much.

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  6. I am really very impressed by seeing the above large apartment. This is really perfect for living purpose. I like its interior and outlook very much. Thanks for providing such useful information to us.