Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Keep Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

Many years ago when in the U.S. Air Force, I was selected to attend "Survival Training"... a three week course located in Tahoe National Forest in February. It was going to be cold. I still remember the words clearly as we, who had gathered in the auditorium to await the course commander's welcoming words: "You will survive! You will survive! "Welcome to Stead Air Force Base"! It was a week and a half later, when trekking on five feet of snow, trying to escape and evade the "bad guys", that a new sentence became my motivation ..."Keep putting one foot in front of the other". In other words, do not stop walking and give up, or you will die in the cold and snow.
Forty six years later, I am now following the same message as I get out and walk everyday ... trying to improve my left leg function after back surgery and some nerve damage. Little by little, we can travel far. That is my strategy today, and, thanks to all of my "Prayer Warriors" and one very skillful back surgeon, I feel confident that I will regain full function of my leg and life will once again be my "normal".

Today, I am able to walk a little further (35 minutes today) without using my cane. I gave up the walker over two weeks ago. After my walks, I am able to get into the pool for some jogging in place, plus other leg exercises. Seems like a good combo for now. My left thigh is weak, resulting in difficulty in taking stairs. That's what I'm working on now.

Assuming that progress continues, we'll be coming home to Cuenca on July 20th, after staying overnight in Quito on the 19th. We have been more than blessed to have such dear friends, here in Tucson, who have graciously opened their home to us. The benefits have been huge!

Thanks to all who read our blog and who are such dear friends. As we overcome this life adventure, we look excitingly ahead to renewing our chronicle about our Ecuador life and adventures.

Hasta Pronto, Mike


  1. So happy to hear of your wonderful progress and that you are soon to return home to Cuenca.

  2. Mike, it is good to read of your recovery! With your positive attitude and strong faith, you will be your old self in no time...Kathy and I look forward to your return and speedy recovery.

  3. Great post, Mike! You have been in our thoughts and prayers daily. After Mark's broken hip and two back surgeries, we know what you're going through (literally!). Baby steps...baby steps...baby steps! Can you hear us cheering you on in Cuenca? ~ Un abrazo muy fuerte - Mark, Connie and Mocha

  4. So glad to hear about your progress!! Keep it up!! Can't wait to see you again in Cuenca!! Pat and Sue