Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Update

Since I haven't been blogging as often as I should, I'm going to try to blog on a weekly basis (even if we don't do much in a particular week).  I'm hoping that won't be the case but we are just getting ourselves organized and settled in since we returned to Cuenca only nine days ago from the U.S.

Since our return, we've done the normal errands:  grocery store, post office, bank, haircuts, pharmacy, eating out, meeting with friends, doctor visit, etc.  I'm glad to report that Mike has done very well in navigating the sidewalks, curbs, and crossing the streets.  I'd like to think that the drivers would be considerate when seeing an older man with a cane crossing the street, but then again, this is Ecuador so probably not!

We saw Mike's back doctor today and he was very impressed with how good Mike is doing.  We brought back with us the doctor's report and CD from the U.S., so he could read it and see what took place during the surgery.  He said to come back in two weeks (12 weeks post-op), and he'll have Mike start with physical therapy to strengthen his left leg.

Two nights ago, another couple invited us to go with them to the Symphony here in Cuenca.  It was a wonderful program; we had great seats; and it was totally free!

Since our return, we've had dinner out with friends several times, and we'll be having breakfast with friends tomorrow morning at California Kitchen.  One sad thing is that one of our favorite restaurants (La Piastra) has closed down.  It was next to our building and we loved the convenience of just going downstairs to get great pizza.  We miss Pablo and would like to know where he is and if he's going to open up another restaurant.  So if anyone knows, please let us know.

Either the weather isn't as cold as it was when we first got back, or we're getting used to it because it doesn't seem that bad.  In fact, today was an absolutely gorgeous day, full of sunshine.  We walked all over today and Mike did really well. (Although I think he is now catching my cold.)  We even had a lightning and thunder storm tonight.

Well I guess that's it for now -- until next time.


  1. Glad to hear Mike is doing so well and adjusting to being back in Cuenca. Pablo told Kathy and I he was returning to Quito and was not sure of his plans. We also miss the great Pizza and Pablo, which was such a nice guy.

  2. I check your blog all of the time to check in with you guys. Glad to hear that all is well and that you'll be giving us weekly updates. Too bad the pizza place is gone.

  3. Hi Mick & Kathy,

    It was good seeing you this morning at Coffee Tree (even though just briefly!). Thank you for letting us know about Pablo. He has such a kind, gentle spirit - we will miss him here in Cuenca and wish him and his family the best in Quito.

    Hoping you are all doing well. We are both getting over colds.