Friday, August 5, 2011

We've Been Here for One Year Now!

Amazing how time does fly.  We've been in Cuenca for one year now.  We arrived in Cuenca on August 3, 2010.  We left Los Angeles at 2:30 a.m., and arrived in Cuenca at 6:00 p.m.  It was a long day and we were glad to arrive in our penthouse and get all of our suitcases (5) and carry ons (4) unloaded. 

Fast forward to today.  We went to the Millenium Plaza for lunch, then walked to Supermaxi for tomorrow's dinner fixins, then to Choco Cream at La Esquina for ice cream cones.  On our walk back to our apartment from La Esquina, we saw Pat & Sue Woods who recently moved here from Kentucky.  We are having breakfast with them tomorrow morning at California Kitchen .

The weather lately has been PERFECT.  Just the opposite of what it was last year at this time.  Last year it was very, very cold, and our penthouse did not have any heaters so we were freezing.  Not so now.  Our apartment warms up in the morning sun and stays warm most of the day.

In this first year, we have moved three times; went to the coast once; went to the States once; taken Spanish lessons; made many new friends (both expat and Ecuadorian); been on fun and interesting tours; eaten at wonderful restaurants, and dined with friends at their homes.  We are back into walking again and Mike will be starting physical therapy to strengthen his left leg in another week.

We are feeling healthy, eating fresh food and walking everyday.  Life is good.

By the way, today is my sister's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Peggy!


  1. Felicidades!!! Wow, one-year anniversary. Glad you guys are back and enjoying the joys of Cuenca!!! Abrazitos y besitos ~ Connie & Mark

  2. Hope Mike is doing OK... Seems like his healing is going slow. Ken just had back surgery on Thursday, he is up walking around and feels alot better than before he went in. About a 3 inch scar. He is anxious to get back playing ball. Was wondering if you were back in Equador. I guess I need to set this up to get automatic updates from this blog. Take care, glad your home.

  3. Hi Patty,
    Where is the weekly update you promised? I keep checking. Hope that all is well!


  4. Yes - I agree with Nicole. I like seeing my Happy Birthday there every day (thank you) but I like weekly updates even more. Love Peggy