Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pizza Hut

OK  --  so what's so special about Pizza Hut, you ask?  Well, in the States, probably nothing.  But if you're a gringo in Ecuador, it's nice to have something familiar around you. 

In the mall (which I'll do a blog post about at some point in the future, with pictures), there is a really nice food court with KFC, Burger King, chinese food, italian food, mexican food, ecuadorian food, argentinean beef, etc.

It's funny to see how nice our fast-food restaurants are here.  It seems that they are a "special treat" for the folks here.

Here are pictures of the Pizza Hut that is two blocks away from our home.  I never ate at Pizza Hut back in the States, but this is an actual restaurant with a real Italian menu, and very good food.

This family was sitting right across from us. 
The mom had to hurry up and eat because she had to
leave to go back to work.  Her husband and boys stayed
to leisurely finish their almuerzo (lunch).
You can even get home delivery!!
The KFC is just as nice, with two floors, and a children's play area also.


  1. That doesn't look anything like our Pizza Huts!! Pretty fancy!



  2. I really don't like seeing American franchises coming into Cuenca. However, I must admit I never would have guessed I was eating in a Pizza Hut, when I ate at this one in Cuenca. Your photos do a great job of capturing the restaurant's decor and ambiance. I guess I would characterize it as an upscale, contemporary sheik look. The live plant area in your third photo really gives the place its class. The pizza is better than back home too, the salads are great. I'll have to try some of their other dishes. Nice post!

  3. That's a very nice...very clean looking Pizza Hut.