Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hosteria Dos Chorreras -- Part 1 of 2

We decided to go to the Cajas to celebrate our birthdays at the Hosteria Dos Chorreras, which is about 21 km (13 miles) west of Cuenca.  Some people refer to this resort as the "trout farm" or the "trout restaurant".  While it is true that they have a large trout farm industry, there is also plenty of other things to see and do while you are there.

We spent two nights in a beautiful spacious room.  It was cold in the room but they do have a gas heater that eventually took the chill off of the room.  They also have hot water in the shower and bathroom sink.  After living here awhile, you know to not take these luxuries for granted.

Here are pictures of the entrance to Hosteria Dos Chorreras (which means "two waterfalls").

Nestled among the mountains

These pictures show the area where our room was.  Very pretty sitting areas with amazing scenery to look at.

This is the outside patio area, leading to ...

. . . this living room / sitting area.  (This is directly outside of our room.)

Hallway leading to . . .

. . . the stairs that take you to the rest of the hotel.

These are the views from our room:

View from our bedroom window

View from the restaurant, looking up at the dos chorreras (two waterfalls)

The Quinuas River
There are plenty of things to do during your stay; or you can just make a day trip up to the resort.  They have a full-day planned if you decide to just come for the day and not stay at the hotel.  Included in the full-day price of $45.00 per person is:
  • Transfer to and from the resort
  • Welcome drink
  • Lunch
  • Visit to the Poblado Guavidula (see part two of this blog)
  • Horseback riding
  • Boat ride
  • Sport fishing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Tour trout farm
  • Mountain biking / climbing
I was out taking pictures of the scenery and one of the guides (Cat) asked if I wanted to go on a hike.  So we went on a short hike up into the trees, and I took these pictures:

Start of the hike

My guide, Cat

Me.  This was a good opportunity to stop and catch my breath.
(Hiking at 11,000 feet isn't easy!)

High mountain lakes, and our turnaround point

Inside the restaurant, there is a place to buy the local crafts.  They are beautiful and very affordable.

Panama Hats, of course.  These are made in Ecuador, not Panama!

Scarves (very popular here).  I bought two.

Here are pictures from inside the restaurant.  We were the only guests staying at the hotel, but on the weekends and on holidays, the restaurant is completely full.

Indoor waterfall and pond

Rainbow trout, swimming in the indoor pond

They built the restaurant around the existing environment

Glass ceilings

Celebrating Mike's birthday were Santiago and Pedro

Part two of this blog will be about our tour of the Poblado Guavidula.

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  1. Mike was right when he told me the info post was fresh. Can't get any fresher than this. You two didn't look like you dressed any warmer during the day than you might in Cuenca, yet the elevation is about 1,000 feet higher. Am I accurate in my assessment? Glad you posted this with all the photos and things to do. Most definitely a place I will want to consider when company starts heading my way next year. Jim Mola