Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drive from Banos to Cuenca -- Part 2 of 2

Devil's Nose Train

 The Devil's Nose Train left the station in Alausi at 8:00am and returned three hours later at 11:00am.  The three-hour ride went through beautiful countryside.

Standing in front of the Devil's Nose

We only went as far as the Devil's Nose and then turned around.  Our trip did not include going up the Devil's Nose as we weren't going north to Riobamba.  If you start the train ride in Riobamba (going south), the switchbacks on the Devil's Nose take the train from the top of the steep hill down to the bottom.  The locomotive heads forwards and backwards down the incline.  In the past, travelers were allowed to ride on the top of the train, but this has been discontinued due to safety reasons.

Dancers at the train stop

We stopped for refreshments and to see the museum built high above the train tracks.  We had an hour for eating and also touring the museum (which was included in the price of the train ticket).

Looking down to the train tracks from the museum
Patty with museum guides

 We spent quite a bit of time walking through the museum.  I took pictures of the informational posters and have placed them here. (You can click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Map showing where we were, and the train route north from Alausi
The Nest of the Condors.

The most difficult train in the world?

The builders of the Devil's Nose

The dream of the train

The engineering feat

Connecting a nation

After our hour visit at the museum, we boarded the train and continued on our trip back to Alausi.

A man and his dog!

Heading back (Alausi in the distance)

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