Saturday, October 18, 2014

Room with a View

Here are pictures and videos that we've taken recently of the scenery around us in Cuenca.

From our condo, we have mountain as well as river views.  At night, we can hear the soothing sound of the river.  It's a great way to fall asleep!

We recently took a day trip to the town of Giron (45 minutes away) and hiked up to the waterfall.  After that, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant (El Agave) in Tarqui for lunch.

And yesterday, we purchased indoor and outdoor plants from Daniel at Habitat Garden Center (see below for contact information).  He delivered everything and told us how to take care of them.  We're hoping they still look good (if not better) in a couple of months!

Cajas Mountains, as seen from our office window (on a sunny day).

This is the view from our terrace of the trees along the river:

And here's video of our morning walks:

These are the plants that we have inside our condo, and outside on our terrace:

Cordeline plant in our office

Bamboo Palm in our bedroom
Topiario Eugenia, Topiario Bog and Fuccia Vulcanica (with Rabode Ardilla and silver bush)

Topiario Eugenia, Topiario Bog and Topiario Solanum Rantonetti

And here is a video of the falls of Giron:

If you'd like plants for your home, you can see Daniel and Silvia at Habitat Garden Center.  They are located at Ordonez Lasso 4-57 y Nogales in Cuenca.  Their email address is, and their cell phones are 099-995-7306 and 099-555-0744.  They both speak excellent English.

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