Monday, April 6, 2015

IVA Refund Procedures

One of the benefits of living in Ecuador if you're 65 or older is that you can apply to receive your IVA refunded back to you.  The IVA is a national sales tax of 12%.  You need to always get a Factura (receipt) from the merchant that sold you the goods (restaurants; stores such as grocery, furniture, office supply; utilities such as cell phones, cable TV, etc.).  We submit our Facturas from the restaurants we frequent, Supermaxi grocery store, Juan Marcet office supply store, Claro, DirecTV, Sukasa home store, gas stations, etc.

In the past, you had to go in person to submit your Facturas.  But now, you can now submit your Factura information online to receive your refund.

Here are the steps:

After you have your Cedula, and after you have a bank account, then go to SRI to register in person.  They should give you a computer-generated clave (password).  Your user ID will be your Cedula number and upon initial sign-in, you will need to change the computer-generated clave to one that you create.

Your Facturas must show the RUC number of the vendor, the date, your name, and your Cedula number, plus an IVA (tax) amount paid on the transaction.

Start at

Mouse on “Servicios en linea”, and drop-downs “Servicios en linea” and click on “Devoluciones”.

Fill in your Cedula number in the box “No. ID Titular”  

The “Contrasena” (password) should already be filled in from your prior registration.  Click on “aceptar”

On the upcoming page, click on “General” on the left side, then click on “Devoluciones”

Then click on “Devolucion Tercera Edad” then the drop down “Cargar Informacion”

Fill in your Cedula number again in the box for “CI/RUC Titular”

The “Contrasena” (password) should already be filled in from your prior registration.  Click on “aceptar”

On the upcoming page click the drop-down to select your town from “SELECCIONE LA CIUDAD DE RESIDENCIA”

Once the correct town shows up, click on the blue “Plantilla SolicitudDTE.xls” under section 2.  
This will bring up the Excel spreadsheet on which you make your claim.

Organize your Facturas by year, then month, then vendor (you may have more than one Factura per month for a certain vendor, and these need to be totaled).  Your spreadsheet must contain only one month at a time for submission.

On this form there are six columns:

  • RUC PROVEEDOR – Fill in the 13-digit RUC number from each vendor on your Facturas.
  • CANTIDAD DE COMPROBANTES –  Fill in the number of receipts for that particular vendor for that month

  • IMPUESTO – click on the drop-down arrow and choose “IVA”

  • VALOR TOTAL DEL IMPUESTO – Fill in the TOTAL of the IVA amounts for that particular vendor for that month

  • ANO – Fill in the year (e.g. 2015)

  • MES – Fill in the month (e.g. 1 (for January))

FACTURAS can be claimed for several months, any time AFTER the month of purchase.

“SAVE AS” (under the file menu at the top left) to a file of your choosing on your computer.  You need to be able to easily find this saved file to attach to your SRI submission.  Once it is saved, close the form.

You are then back to that same page and you click on “Choose File”, then find the form you just completed in the file where you just saved it.

You are still on the same page, so click on the button “CARGAR ARCHIVO” which sends the file to SRI.

Click on “CONFIRMA CARGAR ARCHIVO” to confirm sending the file.

You should get the message “CARGAR DE ARCHIVO REALIZADA EXITOSAMENT” which means that SRI has received the file.

Click “ACCEPTAR” and we recommend that you “Print Screen” to save the summary and “paste” it to a Word document for safekeeping as proof of submission.

Then “Cerrar Sesion” and you are done!.  Check your bank account regularly. It can take up to 90 days for the refund to appear there.

I've done this once so far and the refund was deposited into our Pichincha savings account within ten days.

Good luck!


  1. Thanks, Patty! Just opened an account with Pichincha for my IESS debit but will now get my password and start recording my IVA information!

    Rob Hertzenberg

    1. Great. It's so much easier now to get your IVA refund back than it was before. Good luck!

  2. Glad this information was helpful to you. I've done it twice so far, and received my refunds with no problems.

  3. Holey cow! In my first excel sheet submission, 3 lines supposedly had incorrect RUC's, which is not true. Then I submitted a revised form omitting those lines, and 2 other errors in RUC's were then found. This process kept repeating. I went back and looked carefully at the way the original form was formatted, There are two numbering systems, one by excel, and the second in column A, ostensibly because the author did not know how to get the SRI heading into the header, so he/she stuck it in lines 1 and 2,creating the different numbering systems. After a few hours of trying to debug this, my eyeballs were going in different directions. I am I would say pretty skilled with spreadsheets and programing in general. Has anyone run into this? Any new info that would help???

    1. I'm sorry Sharon that you're having so much trouble with this new process. I've done it now for three months without any problems, and will be doing it again today. Would you like to bring your information over to my home and we can work on it together? We leave for the States on June 16 and will be back July 12. Let me know if I can help you out with this process.

    2. Hi Patty....First a couple of kudos on both your very nicely done website, and secondly for providing such a precise and detailed set of instructions. And then thank you's, both for replying so quickly and for your offer of help.

      Before I take up a bunch of your time, might I just email you my spreadsheet and ask for another pair of eyes? If you see no issues with it, then perhaps yes, would love to have someone who is more experienced with the SRI online submission looking over my shoulder to spot any error. I really appreciate your help! :-)

  4. Hi Patty,

    Thank you for the easy to understand information o filing for IVA reimbursement. We have been trying to figure out just how to do it and this will definitely help. I do have a question: We have put off doing this for 2 years, and have a lot of back receipts. How do we file for those back receipts if we can only file for one month each month, or did I miss something there?


    1. You need to submit one month at a time -- so start that way and see what happens.