Friday, July 8, 2016

High-End Living in Cuenca

Cuenca is full of surprises.  One of those surprises is a restored patrimonial home located in the downtown Cuenca historic district.  The home, located on Juan Jaramillo, is known as La Casa de Monseñor.

Friends of ours (Bob and Dorie) took it upon themselves to see beauty where others saw ruin.  They lovingly undertook restoring this grand old home, which was once the residence of Cuenca’s first Catholic Archbishop, Manuel de Jesús Abad Serrano, at one time.

Bob and Dorie originally restored the 150-year-old home with the idea of turning it into a Bed and Breakfast (turning 37 bedrooms into 5 suites).

There are two floors of living space (the Archbishop's chapel is on the third floor which is visited by a spiral staircase).

On the first floor:
  • Entry hall and courtyard
  • One-bedroom suite, complete with kitchenette
  • A sitting room with a bar, which leads to the outdoor garden complete with lemon trees
  • Office / Library
  • Indoor marble fountain
  • A laundry room
  • Maid's quarters, and a bodega
On the second floor:
  • Kitchen areas (there are two)
  • Dining room
  • One-bedroom suites
  • Main living room with over-stuffed furniture, fireplace and bar 
  • Office / Library
On the third floor:
  • Archbishop's chapel
  • Rooftop terrace with a view of the cupolas on top of the New Cathedral

Throughout the home are chanul (Ecuadorian mahogany) floors, gas fireplaces, beam ceilings, original pieces of art, Persian rugs, sculptures, and hand-crafted chandeliers.  There is an elaborate water filtration system, new plumbing and electrical, and more-than-enough gas canisters to never run out of hot water.

The best part about this home is that it could be yours -- as it is for sale.  Please visit their website for more information.

Here is an article about the renovation that was performed on the property by Bob and Dorie:

Don't miss out on this amazing property which could be yours!

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