Thursday, February 17, 2011

The River Wild!

This is the rainy season in Ecuador and it has rained more this year in Cuenca than in years past (so I'm told). Whenever the rains come, they flow down from the mountains, filling up the rivers. So yesterday I decided to take pictures of the river closest to us - the Rio Tomebamba - to show what it looks like after the rains. We had a particularly strong storm two days ago - with lightning and thunder. It was great (but I was indoors safe and warm!). The sun was shining and the pictures show the river sparkling in the sunshine.

It's about a ten minute walk to the river. Walking along the river (on 12 de abril), you see the following sights:

These are the stairs that lead up to the old town (one of several stairways to town)

These young men were getting their exercise running up and down the stairs

Walking back home

More pictures to follow of our trip to Cotacachi ...

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