Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forever Young, Yellow Magic, Cherry Love

Ecuador is a large exporter of flowers and most notably, roses.  We had the opportunity to visit one of the growers and were given a guided tour.  "Altaflor" is a member of the National Association of Flower Growers and/or Exporters of Ecuador.  Their farm is located just outside of the town of Paute, which is about 20 miles northeast of Cuenca.  There are about 650 growers throughout Ecuador, employing thousands of people.  Roses make up the bulk of the flower exports at 62%.  The largest importer of Ecuadorian roses is the U.S., with Russia being a close second.  We learned that Russia wants roses with extra-long stems so the tallest roses are exported to Russia.  Sixty-five percent of the roses produced at this particular farm are exported to Russia.  So much for the facts, now for the fun stuff -- pictures:

These roses are ready to be packed and shipped. 
But before they were cut -----
--- they were here

"Forever Young"

These roses were just cut.  We learned that this farm cuts 28,000 stems a day, everyday (7days a week)!

"Yellow Magic"

"Cherry Love"

"Movie Star"



This farm employs 200 people, 60% of which are women.

After the roses are cut, they are placed in these wet containers so they don't dry out.

You can see how tall the roses are

"High and Magic"


Ready to be sorted and packed

In the cold storage room

Potpourri anyone?

We were each given roses on our exit from the farm

Here they are on our dining room table.  Beautiful!!

After our visit to Altaflor, we then went to have lunch at Hosteria Uzhupud.  See my next post for the pictures of this beautiful hotel.


  1. OH thats what I want to do, and go see the Orchids in the Jungle.. let me know if you guys are up for that maybe we can all get together and go!

  2. I just love your pictures. I can't wait to go myself. It will be so nice to see you again.

  3. Thanks Mike and Patty for this article!

  4. Looks Beautiful. How did you book the tour through. We may take Johns sister.

    1. I think it was through the Chamber of Commerce in Cuenca, but you could go to a tourist agency and they can arrange a tour for you. You could even book a driver and guide if you want.