Monday, December 26, 2011

Getting an Ecuadorian Driver's License (Part 2 of 3)

It's been awhile since my last blog -- and there's a good reason for that.  To refresh your memory of what we've been doing lately, you'll need to read my blog entitled "Getting an Ecuadorian Driver's License, Part 1". The driving school that we chose to go to is called ANETA (Automobile Club of Ecuador).

At this school, you need to attend for 32 hours.  You can go 8 days in a row, 4 hours each day (weekends included); or you can go for M - F (2 hours each day) for 16 days; or you can go only on the weekends, 4 hours each day which is what we decided to do.  We started class on Dec. 4th and will finish on Jan. 8th (no classes on Christmas and New Year's).

So what have we been doing during the weekdays, you might ask.  We have been studying the textbook that ANETA gave us and also the possible test questions.  All 643 questions and of course, it's all in Spanish.  So needless to say, we have learned a lot of new vocabulary words.  (The actual written test has only 20 questions but you don't know which of the 643 questions will be on the test, so you have to study them all.)

All of our hard studying has paid off because on Dec. 24th we took the written test and passed with flying colors.  I must give credit to our good friend Noshy, who came over 3 days a week to help us along the way with the translation issues.

Here's a picture of the girls in our class, studying up to the last minute before the test.  They all did very well on the test (not so though for the guys who didn't study that much).

The girls studying up to the last minute!

Mike and Noshy walking to class

So what's next?  We have our actual driving test on Jan. 8th.  Here's a picture of the ANETA cars that you'll see us student drivers in.  I'm doing pretty good in spite of the fact that I haven't driven a stick shift in 25 years, but it all just comes right back!

No mistaking that a student is driving these cars!

Going out for the driving portion
 After we pass the driving part, we'll be given a certificate from ANETA that we'll take  to the government office for their testing, etc.


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