Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Years in Cuenca!

Two years ago today, we left my hometown (Los Angeles) at 1:30a.m., flying to Quito via Costa Rica.  From Quito we flew to Cuenca arriving that same day at 6pm on August 3rd. It's amazing how time does fly by. 

We took a walk today to the Otorongo Plaza to see the hummingbird exhibit and then got an ice cream cone at Tutto Freddo on the way back home.  It was a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine (although it's raining now, which is the first rain we've had in quite awhile).

We're continuing to meet new ex-pats coming to Cuenca, either for a visit or moving here.  We enjoy helping those coming after us, now that we've been here for two years!

Here are pictures of the hummingbird exhibit (which is free) that is on display through the month of August.  (I love how this country celebrates the arts.)


  1. Makes me want to sing the catchy hymn, "I'll Fly Away." Thanks for posting,

  2. hi Patty, congrats on your two years in Ecuador. I know we will catch up one day. the photos are really inspiring. Robin

    1. Hi Robin,

      Good to hear from you. It's amazing how our lives have turned out (being able to travel/live abroad). Hope you and your family are doing well.

      Love, Patty