Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Email Scam

Hello All,
This is just a short post to alert everyone that there is a scam going around and it's pretty widespread.  It involves someone being hacked and an email being sent to their entire contact list stating that they have had very bad luck on their recent travels to a foreign destination and that everything they have has been stolen, etc.  
 Basically the email says that they need money to get back home.  If for some reason you get an email from me stating this, DO NOT FALL FOR IT AND DO NOT SEND MONEY.  You can call me if you wish at 520-445-3302 to make sure that I'm all right (and that goes for my husband too).
If my husband and I travel to another country, my family and friends will know that in advance.  I won't travel without letting my loved ones know.
Thanks for reading.  

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