Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Trip to the Galapagos Islands -- Part 3 of 5

On our second day, we walked from our house to Tortuga Bay, about a 1 hour walk along a beautiful trail filled with Opuntia trees.
Our walk goes through the Opuntia forest, straight up to the beach

2.5 km. trail through the Opuntia forest

The Galapagos giant cactus is the only species of Opuntia cactus in the world that grows like a tree.  It is able to hold large amounts of water and grows directly on the volcanic rock.  The Opuntia forest is the habitat of the Cactus Finch.  It pollinates its flowers, feeding on the nectar and fruits, and uses the cactus as a protection to build its nest.

Trudging along

Land Iguana

Entrance to the beach
A beautiful white sand beach that we had practically had to ourselves.

Iguana tracks in the sand
Marine Iguana

Marine iguanas are black, as opposed to the land iguanas, which are yellow/green.  This allows them to blend in with the lava formations and in the water.

Here is a video of an iguana, walking along the beach:

Here is a video of how pretty the beach and waves are:

Marine Iguana nesting site

Yes, that's a real pelican on the pelican sign!
Kayak-ers learning to kayak

And there they go!

Sea Lion among the Mangrove Trees
Our next day's trip to Isla Floreana will be the subject of the next blog post.  Stay tuned!

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