Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Local Foods Class -- Part 1 of 3

Yesterday, I walked two blocks from my home to attend the Local Foods Class held in the beautiful Villa San Carlos.  This lovely home has been remodeled into an event/catering site.  The class of twenty was led by Branden Lenz (his wife Sandra grew up in this home).

Entrance to Villa San Carlos
Foyer, leading to the Dining Room


The group, listening to Branden
describe the agenda for today's class

Branden handed out an order form, showing what products you can buy from Villa San Carlos.  Among the products listed are different types of vinegars, salts, organics, herbs, and breads. 

Before actually starting with a cooking class, Branden decided it would be a good idea if we could see where he shops for his food. So off we walked to the Mercado 10 de Agosto, located up the stairs off of Calle Larga.

Outside courtyard of the Villa San Carlos

Herb Garden


Branden giving last minute instructions
prior to our walk into town

Part Two will show the different types of items you will see at the large marketplace.

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  1. That looks like my kind of place. I am jealous that it is so close to your house. I can't wait to find out what you got to make. Post some of the recipes. please!