Monday, September 5, 2011

Local Foods Class -- Part 3 of 3

WARNING:  This post shows photos of raw meat, directly from the butcher.

 To end our tour of the marketplace, our last stop was the meat/poultry section.  The first photos show the beef section:

Very fresh


Lard (excellent for making pie crusts)


Brendan did say that when buying fresh chickens from these markets, look at the color of the skin.  If the skin is yellowish (like in this picture below), that means that they removed the feathers by dipping the chicken in boiling water.  The feathers come out easier that way, but the chicken has been partially cooked.  So it's okay to buy it like this, but you need to cook it right away to finish the cooking process.  On the other hand, if you see chickens with white skin, the feathers have been removed by placing the chicken in cold water.  It's a harder process for them, but much better for the consumer.  The chicken stays fresher and you won't have to cook it immediately the same day you buy it.

Chickens (look for what color the skin is)

This is the meat market (just outside of Diez de Agosto)
where Brendan buys his meat.  His favorite cut is the "flat iron cut".

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  1. It looks very clean. Did it smell at all? The meat markets in Italy were outside, meat on ice, flies and smelly- not real inviting. What did you cook and eat? Is the beef local or is it from Argentina. I would guess local. I don't eat much beef but those who I know that do love flat iron steaks. Here they cost upwards of $20 a pound.

    Keep up the good work. My sister is jealous. She says that you have some 20,000 views. What's your secret?