Monday, October 10, 2011

Hosteria Dos Chorreras -- Part 2 of 2

On our second day at Hosteria Dos Chorreras we took a tour of Poblado de Guavidula.  This is a very well preserved village where the Guavidula people lived in the 18th century (similar to the Incas).

To get to the village which was a short drive up the mountain, we rode in a chiva.

Modified pick-up truck/jeep called a "chiva"

Our driver opening the gate to take us up to the village

Village chapel
These next pictures show the lodge.  This was a popular stopping point for travelers to rest before heading to and coming from Guayaquil.

The people weren't very tall.  Mike had to duck just to get inside!

Eating area

Lounging area

These villagers were miners and we were able to explore one of their mines.  Minerals were in plentiful supply, and also gold was mined here.

Entrance to the "Enchanted Mine"

Our guide, Betty.  She used the lamp to light our way.


Click to enlarge

Long tunnel

See how small the passageways are!

This was a fun trip for us, and always something new to see and do here!

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