Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Apartment

On Tuesday, we accomplished quite a bit. With the help of our friend Linda Gonzalez, we were able to get our Censo, get our internet through Porta, and move to our new three bedroom apartment right on the Rio Yanuncay.

We have moved from the penthouse apartment we were in to a larger apartment next to the river. Since we arrived in Cuenca on August 4th, we were living in a small one bedroom apartment (but it had a wonderful view of the city and especially the fireworks)!

Here are pictures of the views we see from the rooftop balcony of the building we're living in. We live on the first floor (second floor up from the street) but the views are better from the rooftop.

Next are pictures of the inside of our apartment. It's nice to have more room. This is a new building and we're the first renters in this particular apartment.

This is a picture of our alarm clock every morning.

He is very prompt and never misses a morning!

Next on our to do list will be to get our Cedula and then we'll be fully legal residents of Ecuador.

Hasta Luego,


  1. Congratulations on your new apartment. It's lovely. We arrive in Cuenca on Oct. 23rd and will be looking for a place to rent as well. (We'll be staying in a lovely furnished apartment for the first month while we search for an unfurnished one.) Hope to have the opportunity to meet you when we get back to Cuenca later this month.

  2. Congratulations on your new apartment!!

    It looks lovely. And your alarm clock is very charming :-)

    At this point, I wonder where I could look at your previous apartment (meaning the blog) and to find out more about it. I am coming/moving to Cuenca December 2-nd. And a one bedroom apartment with a nice view sounds good to me.

    If you had a minute to answer either here, or to ideamerchant at, it will be splendid.