Friday, October 29, 2010

Parque El Paraiso

Yesterday, we decided to explore the largest park in Cuenca. Our doctor told us about this park. He knows we like walking a lot so he said that we'd like this park because it is so large.

From our new apartment, we're only a thirty minute walk from the park. It's a pretty walk because it follows the Rio Yanuncay.

I took so many pictures and had to narrow my picks down to just the best ones.

Here are the pictures shown as we walked through the park:

Entrance to the park

Walking along the Yanuncay River

Mike walking among the tall trees

One of the many bridges in the park

Swans on their own island

More river pictures

Black swan

Mike standing on one of the bridges

Huge rock in the river (how'd it get there?)

Great tree for climbing

Wooden walkways throughout the park

Elevated walkways among the trees

Tomebamba River

Convergence of the two rivers (Tomebamba and Yanuncay)

Beautiful flowers in bloom (it's springtime here!)

Picnic anyone?

Great spot overlooking the rivers

Where does this go?

My favorite picture

Eucalyptus trees

Swans (see their nesting houses in the background)

I love taking these pictures

A cactus (is this Arizona?)

View of the Cajas Mountains

Having fun!

Fancy clothes and spike heels worn anywhere throughout Cuenca (even in the park!)

Clock showing the time in Ecuador, Spain, New York and Russia

Aerobic area in the background

Soccer fields

Maintenance crew cleaning up after a soccer game

The park was pretty empty but during the weekends, it's packed with families enjoying the outdoors.

Cuenca is getting ready to celebrate for five straight days. Tuesday is All Souls Day and Wednesday is Cuenca's Independence Day (190 years of independence from Spain). There will be parades, music, performances, fireworks, etc. It should be fun.

Chao for now,


  1. I enjoyed the pictures. Karen and I found a place to stay and will be visiting from November 15th through December 14th to see the beauty of Cuenca. Actually, Karen will be coming down on November 24th, but she will stay through December 14th with me. Hopefully we can meet you and Mike in person while we are there.

  2. We're looking forward to meeting you and Karen. Call us when you get here. Send us an email when you get here and get settled.

  3. Hi Patty and Mike! thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. My husband and I also like to walk on woodsy places. We are comming to visit this year and check for properties. I don't want to contact realtors. I just want to see on my own. How much are the condos were you are? It looks pretty nice. I would like the top floor if they still have available.
    Thanks again, may be we meet when we go there.

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    Just send us an email when you get to Cuenca and we can plan to meet somewhere for lunch or dinner.