Friday, October 22, 2010

Walking Along the River

We have been in our new apartment a little over a week now and I decided to take pictures of the river that we are living next to and how pretty it is taking a walk along the river. The river is the Yanuncay River and is one of the four rivers that flow through Cuenca.

The first picture is of the building we are living in now. We are on the first floor (second from street level). We have the three large windows on the front of the building. (We take up half of the first floor.)

The second picture is the entry way of the building.

The next picture is right across the street from our apartment. It is a park with playgound equipment for the little ones to play on.

The next pictures are of the park and the river as we walk along, enjoying the beautiful sights.

This next picture shows two rivers coming together (the Yanuncay and the Tarqui rivers).

It is springtime in the Southern Hemisphere so I've taken pictures of the trees in bloom. This is a pretty time of year here.

Well, that's it for now.

Chao, Patty

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  1. Very Pretty! I am off to the US on Tuesday. Keep these springtime photos coming.. I am only going to rain and more rain!