Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us!

Thursday evening, Oct. 7th, we had our birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The California Kitchen, owned by the Evans family (picture near end of entry). My birthday was Oct. 1st and Mike's was Oct. 6th, and we invited our new friends to share our birthday dinner with us.

Here are pictures of the table before we all sat down. George Carol, Jim & Susie Evans did a spectacular job of catering our birthday celebration. Their restaurant is a favorite spot for ex-pats.

Here's a picture of the birthday boy. The birthday hat is a "community hat". It will be given to whoever has the next birthday so they can get their picture taken wearing it. (Oh fun!) I actually wore it also but haven't seen any pictures of me yet. When I get pictures of me, I'll post them also so Mike won't feel so alone.

Dinner was delicious. We had seared chicken breast with cognac cream sauce, scalloped potatoes and fresh green beans. We also had a choice of soup (cream of mushroom) or a dinner salad. Also, Carol specially made lemon bundt cake for me and a devil's food cake for Mike.

We had a very enjoyable evening of good food and good conversation with special friends.

Here are pictures of our friends:

Brian and Shelley (and Fredi peeking over the flowers)

Mark and Connie

Mick and Kathy

Jim and Silene

Bob and Freida

Freida and Jim

(Actually it's a picture of Jim who is going back to the States next week to get married to Rachel and then they will both come back as husband and wife. Freida didn't want Jim to be alone in his picture. What a gal!)

The Whole Group (minus me, the photographer)

Also in attendance to help us celebrate were:




Mike opened his gift from Jim, another pilot:

(Chocolate airplane. Yum!)

Here are my roses which Freida gave me:

(On my dining room table)

Thank you everyone for a wonderful time. Thank you for all of your gifts and cards.

And a special "Thank You" to George, Carol, Jim and Susie for a terrific evening.

Love to all,


  1. What a great evening; you captured each moment perfectly! Blessings to both of you!!