Friday, July 30, 2010

A Kid in a Candy Store

Today we decided it would be fun to take the grandkids to the old time candy store which features candies that orginiated in every decade beginning in the 1920s. Here's grandpa and his granddaughter Mikaela and grandson Joey posing for a picture before the excursion.

Since our car was full with suitcases, Mikaela drove us in her new car.

Here's a picture of Mike picking out his favorite candies from years past.

And Pat picking out her favorite candy from her childhood: black licorice ropes (good for tying together and using as jump ropes!)

We've had a great time visiting with family in Orange County, California. Next on the agenda, will be to visit with family in Los Angeles, and then fly to Ecuador on Tuesday, August 3rd. (E day minus 4!)
Until next time,
Pat Grimm


  1. Just found your comment on the July 4th blog of mine. Good luck on your flights and please contact us if you need any assistance with anything. We might not be able to help, but we might know someone who can!

  2. Hi Granpa! Thanks for the candy. We need your address and can't find it here. Could you please email it to us?